Watershed Market

Watershed Market’s objective is to be a Green, Local, Adaptive, Sustainable, Innovative, Reuse (GLASIR) Market, where locally produced goods and services are readily available in the community with a festive environment and work towards a No Trace Left Behind destination.
What is Watershed?

A ‘watershed’ can be many things; a turning point, a mark in time, or a topographic high point. Houston has reached many watershed moments and the newest is Watershed Market surrounded by the nation’s strongest economy and most diverse population!

Watershed Market is located in ‘East Downtown’ ( EaDo)along the watershed, which is the highest ground surface along an east / west ridge allowing water to flow north towards Buffalo Bayou and to the south towards Braes Bayou.Watershed Market will be adjacent to a newly developing International Promenade and steps from the BBVA-Compass Stadium where new businesses and residents are streaming in.

 Please Check to the website for upcoming dates to the Watershed Market.

2322 Polk St
Houston TX 77003


Terms and Conditions

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