A Mild Angel Hot
The Original. That GOOD Hot!
Hunter's Habenero Hot. Don't be scared!
A winning Salsa Trifecta!
Our salsa has never met a chip it did not like!

Salinas Salsa Co. - The Original! Branded that Good! #SalinasSalsa

A fresh salsa created in small batches that is Fresh & Authentic! A Homemade taste like no other Period. 

Salinas Salsa™ products is pleased to say that we are ALL NATURAL and we have No Artificial Preservatives, No Sugars, No Artificial Chemicals, No Tomato Paste or Juice, or No Coloring & we are Gluten Free. In short we keep the artificial bad stuff out!  We have been tested for a 12-month shelf life unopened and approximately once opened 2-months refrigerated. It’s a FRESH ALL NATURAL TASTE literally we like to say "It’s from the farm to the jar!”; to give you the best fresh ingredients to your mouth.

Texan made, Texas proud. POP the lid, grab a chip and enjoy our line of salsa products!


Salinas Salsa, Co. - the Original

The burning flavor that keeps you coming for more!

Proud GO TEXAN member! Spot the Mark! Go Local Go Farm Go Texan!


A Watershed Market video interview of the bearded one Shane Salinas of Salinas Salsa Co giving a little insight of the Salsa & the Watershed Market in Houston TX. #GLASIR

Stick a chip in it...Done!

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